Ealing and Northfield

Sharma looking over his shoulder

Local MP Virendra Sharma has been even quieter than usual lately. Maybe as a fellow opposition politician I should have some sympathy, but hey! He stopped his Tweeting before the general election and has not been much in evidence since. He raised himself to ask a question about Pakistan on 2nd June, see here.

Today the Daily Mail is really going for fellow Labour MP Keith Vaz about his involvement with disbarred lawyer Shahrokh Mireskandari, see here. They have totally nailed Vaz as a liar. You may remember that in June 2008 Sharma jointly signed a letter which Vaz wrote to a judge urging the High Court to delay proceedings against Mireskandari.

Rather pathetically Sharma said at the time:

I am a new MP. I will be more questioning before I sign a letter in future.

It was no coincidence that Vaz was on his selection panel when he became the Ealing Southall Labour candidate in 2007 so you have to assume there was mutual back scratching going on here.

One reply on “Sharma looking over his shoulder”

I think you’re spot on with your analysis here. Sharma was seen recently at the Babbu Maan concert at Wembley Conference Centre but was booed off stage, since that he has effectively dissapeared from sight.


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