Ealing and Northfield

Imitation and all that

It is good to see the new Labour council carrying on enthusiastically with Conservative policies. Today Bassam Mahfouz, cabinet member for Transport and Environment, announced that 52 miles of streets in the north of the borough, which have their rubbish collected on a Friday, will have their streets cleaned on a Saturday. Hooray!

Bassam said:

At the moment, rubbish can build-up across the weekend, which can be unpleasant for residents and their visitors. We’re committed to making Ealing cleaner and I think residents will really notice the difference. I’m keen to receive feedback from residents on how the service establishes itself across the north of the borough.

This is old news though. This policy was first announced on the 13th February by the old leader, Jason Stacey, at the Annual Streetwatchers’ Conference. Sue Emment, the old portfolio holder, used a supplementary question at the full council on the 20th April to confirm the 12th June as the starting date.

Labour’s election platform echoed the messages the Tories had been using for four years so in spite of not being in control the Tories can take some pleasure in the fact that Labour are happy to plough the same furrow – for now.

Nice picture of Bassam. Has he got a height thing? Why else be photographed so far in front of street cleaner Peter Richter? Or maybe there is some four legs good, two legs better stuff happening here?

One reply on “Imitation and all that”


This still isn’t as bad as the leaflet Bassam did claiming credit for stopping the tram that his party spent £2m co-promoting when they were last in power.


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