Ealing elections 2010

The people have spoken

As I commiserated with ex-councillor Vlod Barczuk tonight he quoted American political fixer Dick Tuck who said:

The people have spoken, the bastards.

Vold has been a great councillor and Ealing has lost a good servant. Vlod is not the first person to use this quote. Ealing North MP, Stephen Pound used it himself on Radio 4 here.

Tonight, after a stupidly long count (it took until after 9.30pm to get the last result out for Walpole ward) it emerged that control of the council had passed from the Tories to Labour, see results here. Labour won 40 seats, with the Tories on 24 and the LibDems on 5.

All three Northfield councillors were re-elected with very comfortable majorities, see here. Thanks to all Northfielders who voted for us.

Congratulations to the Labour group on their achievement in Ealing and to our three new MPs; Virendra Sharma re-elected in Ealing Southall for Labour, Stephen Pound and the new Tory MP for Central Ealing and Acton, Angie Bray.

I am very disapointed that the Tories have lost control of the council. We consistently got good feedback from our residents in Northfield so we do find it a bit perplexing to be chucked out. No doubt we need to listen harder in future.

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Even I was surprised that the Tories lost it. I suppose G Singh must have upset quite a few by crossing the Rubicon. I think it fair to say say you did not have a new issue to take place of the tram which would bind so many in your favour. Certainly Ealing Borough looks better and cleaner, Housing benefit applications are being processed more quickly and I have never had delays with Customer services. I do not know about the successes of Vlod but under his watch you have to admit that our streets did not become safer, even though the temperature check suggested otherwise.

Might you be giving us a futher analysis of why you did not succeed?

It will be interesting to see what you want to do in opposition. All three of you have a lot of experience by having been cabinet members, and it is hoped that you will use that to take on the role of scrutiny. Apart from Rupa I do not know of labour Councillors who run a blog, which keeps us informed of what wonders they will be aspire to be performing. One of my main complaints was that without being an expert of knowing how to get around the Ealing website it is difficult to know what the Council is getting up to. That is bad for local democracy and in my opinion means that local politicians are unlikely to achieve a higher level of respect, which has been made so much worse by what happened at Westminster. Although people tend to vote locally in line with their national political leanings, where this is not so true is where a local councillor gets really well known for being very active on behalf off his constituents. For Instance Steve Pound has very good reputation, but I suspect so also does Colm, because he works like a beaver.

So many say we must listen. That reminds me of the really annoying platitude that there are lessons to be learnt when things go wrong. What we need is more action and more taking of sensible responsibility which usually means mistakes are not so often made. So if you ever get back in let us hope that you will not only listen, but you will also respond to what has been said as well.


A good result for yourself and the other two Phil. Broader local picture in the borough is in line with Labour gains across the country (admittedly from a low base) including in Nick Clegg’s adopted backyard Sheffield. Maybe it’s the same “split ticket” effect they have witnessed in the US if you consider what went on nationally.

George: interesting comment. I am not however a councillor as that 9.30 declaration in Walpole underlined…


Hi Phil

Our only consolation is that Tories have lost everywhere where there is a strong Labour core vote, hence our poor performance in Acton, Northolt and Greenford, but retention of all our central Ealing seats. This pattern seems to be the same in neighbouring boroughs. Having the General and Local elections on the same day hurt us more than we suspected and shows that even with the best Council, many people will vote according to national preferences.

It confirms all political hacks’ suspicions that high turnouts are good for Labour as their voters are more difficult to get to the ballot box. I increased my vote by 50% on 2006 but lost by 100; turnout was up from 35% four years ago to 59% in Acton Central. It looks unlikely that this coincidence of ballots will occur in 2014; we’ll be back.

I’m now quoting Robert Walpole: the people are ringing their bells now, tomorrow they will be wringing their hands.


I was surprised too. As much as I detest and loath Tory principles I can’t really see what they did wrong as far as running the council goes.


Congratulations on getting back in. I enjoyed speaking with you all on the doorstep and I think you did a good job. I even voted for you.

However, colour me totally unsurprised that Labour got back in, despite their poor performance when they were last in, and despite the general swing to the Tories nationwide. This is basically a Labour borough, as evidenced by the fact that Labour won the local election 3 times before the single Tory victory.

That Tory victory last time was, I am afraid to say, essentially a protest vote against the Tram, and this time there was no such overriding issue.

No matter how hard you worked, or how much you listened when you were in office, the borough is simply returning to its normal state. Sorry.



I don’t think you can name any Tory principles you detest and loath. There maybe some Labour folk tales you remember but that is not the same thing.


Your memory is short. Ealing has had a number of Tory administrations. It does flip flop though. It would not have flipped this time if the general election had been on a different day.


Thanks George for your kind comments. It is hard for me to be happy at being re-elected when my colleague Rosa Popham was not re-elected.

Rosa worked incredibly hard for Hobbayne and Ealing. We also had an excellent third candidate in Gerry Saravana Wall.

Anyways, Labour have won and I have to say that they worked very hard to get re-elected. Congratulations to them.

I may regret saying this but they are better at politics than we are, but we are better at running things than they are.

Steve Pound is a great politican, but I genuinely believe that Ian would have made a better MP. Being a candidate and being an MP are two very different jobs.


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