Ealing elections 2010 National politics

Four votes today

There are two elections in Ealing today.

Please vote for David Cameron and the Conservatives. We need a strong, capable leader to take us through the next few years. Gordon Brown and Labour have systematically wrecked our finances. Don’t let them blame it on the banks or the credit crunch or international conditions. It is all nonsense. Quite simply government spending has been allowed to rip way in excess of the government’s ability to collect taxes from you and me. Nick Clegg and the LibDems are not the answer.

Please vote for your local Conservatives. You have three votes for three councillors in your ward. Please choose your three Conservative candidates. In four years we have demonstrated that we can deliver decent services to everyone whilst keeping the council tax down. Campaigning four years ago Ealing was visibly down-at-heel. Today it is very different. If you like it vote for it, otherwise it will slip away again.

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