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Plastic people

I hope that Nick Clegg’s set dressers cleared up after themselves when they filmed last night’s party political broadcast on behalf of the LibDems – to make their point the LibDems made the Houses of Parliament and a couple of other attractive cityscapes look a mess. The rubbish, like just about everything else about the LibDems, is fake.

The main theme of yesterday’s broadcast was broken promises. Clegg says: “the trail of [other parties’] broken promises can come to an end”. As an eternal opposition party LibDem manifestos typically aren’t much read, but the 2005 manifesto made this promise about the European constitution/Lisbon treaty:

We are therefore clear in our support for the constitution, which we believe is in Britain’s interest – but ratification must be subject to a referendum of the British people.

The referendum promise was one of the few things in their 2005 manifesto that the LibDems could have fought for. They didn’t.

Clegg talks about fair politics and says: “no more dodgy donations to political parties”. The LibDems have refused to return the £2.4 million proceeds of crime given to them by Michael Brown. Whatever you think of union donations to Labour and Michael Ashcroft’s donations to the Tories it is hard to argue that the money was stolen. The LibDems continue to benefit from the dodgiest donation in British politics.

You only have to look at the LibDem leaflets on your doormat to know that the LibDems are the least honest party in British politics.

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