Ealing and Northfield

LibDems leaflets

The LibDems are well known for being the most appalling liars in election leaflets.

I have not seen any LibDem leaflets in Northfield so I can’t comment on them here but I have been helping in Elthorne where I found this Elthorne Focus No. 10 April 2010.

As is fairly typical in LibDem leaflets they have a little box top right showing that they are in second place.

This picture is a lie pure and simple.

If you take it at face value it seems the picture conveys that the LibDems are closely behind Labour and that the Tories are trailing in their wake. Only the numbers tell different story.

The numbers are right and do reflect the Ealing Southall by-election in 2007. But human brains don’t read numbers and prioritise their understanding above the instant impression given by the picture.

A truthful picture is shown below created by me by putting the actual results into Excel and creating a chart. It shows that the Tories had a bad result but they were not that far behind the LibDems and that both parties have a big job to overhaul Labour.

But, note that this leaflet is more a local election leaflet than it is a parliamentary one. A more honest leaflet would refer to the last local election results where two Tory councillors and one Labour one were elected and the LibDems came third. Not a distant third in what was a three-way marginal ward in 2006 – you could even argue that if the Greens put up three candidates it would have been a four-way marginal ward potentially. An honest picture created from the 2006 results is shown below.

I don’t think it really helps politicians if they call each other liars but the LibDems claim to be something new and their leader is positioning himself as honest but his party really is not. If you don’t think these images demonstrate a clear case of lying what would you call it?

After four years of good Tory government in Ealing I would expect to see Elthorne become even more entrenched as a Tory ward on May 6th.

This issue has been highlighted a number of times by other people, indeed only today in Wales here.

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I am not sure that anyone did much campaigning in Elthorne in 2006.

It is a bit cheeky expecting to comment on here. Your own website is a comment free zone. Broadcast only from the Leach Party.


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