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Just saw this headline on Ealing Today. Chaos? What a disaster? See article here.

The headline is:

Pothole Problems Cause Road Chaos

The sub headline is:

Northfield Avenue is ‘collapsing’ say locals

That all sounds very bad. The report is written by a “local resident”. No doubt. But Ealing Today fails to identify Toran Shaw as one of the LibDem candidates for Northfield ward in the forthcoming local elections in May. [Note: ET have since updated the story to identify Toran as a candidate.] Maybe disaster is not imminent as feared?

His Twitter bio(graphy) says:

Writer. Researcher. Liberal Democrat candidate for Northfields ward. Brentford FC & Formula 1 fan. Libertarian. Linguist. Social media geek. Pagan.

Toran doesn’t mention that the pothole crews were out in Graham Avenue (off Northfield Avenue) and adjacent roads all this week.

He doesn’t mention that the current administration has spent more on new roads in the last four years than Labour spent in 12.

He doesn’t mention that 18 Northfield ward roads have been resurfaced this year alone.

Funny that. Chaos indeed.

If there is a problem in your road call 020 8825 6000. It will get fixed quickly as Toran has found.

4 replies on “ROAD CHAOS. Not!”

Oh dear, it’s shoot the messenger time again.

I suppose Steve Pound is misguided also in complaining about the state of Milton Road surface as well.

Still, I suppose Toran is quite pleased about the publicity you are generating about him.



If you are depending on something Steve Pound says to support an argument you are about to make, then God help you.

Steve Pound has claimed that the state of Milton Road is down to shoddy work by the contractor, which is nonsense.

If he only asked me, I could have told him that there is a great big pipe that runs down the middle of his road and it is leaking. The result is the soil underneath the road is moist and when a heavy vehicle drives over this, it can crack the road.

Just like this LibDem chap, Steve Pound doesn’t mention that this Tory administration has spent more on the roads and footpaths in 4 years than Labour did in 12 years.

Neither does he mention that we have resurfaced 13 roads in Hobbayne ward, including Greenford Avenue, Bordars Road and Drayton Bridge Road which are all bus routes.

Eric, you don’t shoot the messenger for bringing bad news, you can think about it though, if they are trying to mislead you.


In 2007 I spoke to the person in the Council who was responsible for the roads. I wanted to know if anything was going to be done about the rippled stretch of road at the bus stop and shops between Shirley Gardens and Ecclestone Road on the West Ealing/Hanwell border. He told me that the Uxbridge Road between West Ealing and Hanwell was due to be resurfaced within months. So I patiently waited and endured the shaking as heavy traffic raced over the ripples and holes. In 2008 I saw signs that work was being done beneath the road service between the two cemeteries. Logically I thought it was in preparation for resurfacing, but no. Then the pavements were replaced – yes, I thought it would be logical to resurface the road last. Alas after many months, nothing of the sort. When my patience rang out and I rang the contact at Ealing Council, I was told that the road was no longer going to be done. I can’t remember the exact words but the impression I got was that it was a cost-cutting exercise. Finally, in late 2009, like other residents I received a cashback amount from the Council. I would have preferred that the road outside my house was repaired, particularly as it is a busy road over which traffic speeds at night-time, compounding the problems caused by the ripples. So that’s my story. I hope it adds to the bigger picture. My experience so far leads me to have little hope the road will be repaired soon. Meanwhile, it continues to deteriorate.



Thanks for your comment.

As far as I know the Uxbridge Road is the responsibility of TfL. Any budget problems would be TfL’s not the Council’s. On Tuesday we are about to sign off another £6.5 million of resurfacing work.

You do not give your address. I suggest you contact your councillors and ask them to pursue TfL on this.


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