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Skatepark planning application is in


The planning application for the proposed Elthorne Skate Park has been submitted and local residents should already have seen consultation notices. You can see the application here and make your own comments.

The proposals have been found to be popular with 69% of the 1,134 people who responded to the consultation, see details here. Clearly they are not popular with everyone and it is understandable that near neighbours will be anxious that their immediate environment will be degraded by this new development. It is up to the planners and Ealing’s parks people to come up with a workable, credible solution that addresses the concerns that have been raised in the consultation process. Now is the time for residents to make their issues known to the planners so that a sensible solution can be found. The planning consultation period ends 19th February.

You can read up on some the history here and here.

3 replies on “Skatepark planning application is in”

The Planners already know what the objectors are complaining about.

However your reasonable approach suggests to me that we are just over 13 weeks away from the Council elections….



Have I missed it, beacause one of the concerns is how or whether there is going to be any warding?

Surely in this case that should be somewhere in the application?

A106 issue?


As a matter of interest there was a pond in the proposed skate park area, believed either side of the first world war, not worth maintaining due to the proximity of the Brent (Bunny park), Canalside and the lake at Boston Manor Park.
As a resident of a nearby ward knowing the area well I think this scheme is well suited to Elthorne Park and may help to keep youngsters occupied and away from mischief.


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