Ealing and Northfield

Swimming in Northolt


Yesterday I popped up to Greenwood Primary School in Northolt to see the temporary pool we have been enjoying this term and welcome Boris. As a part of a London Mayor sponsored scheme called Make a Splash Greenwood primary school has been hosting a small temporary swimming pool in one of their halls. This is the first temporary pool delivered by this scheme and hopefully we will have another one back in the borough soon. This scheme is genius as it uses a tiny pool with the kind of plant you get in a home pool to get kids swimming. Something like 1,000 kids have already used the Greenwood pool so we can be sure that the new Northolt pool will have lots of new customers when it opens in January.

Thanks to MWB Business Exchange, the contemporary, serviced and flexible office space people, who have sponsored this programme. I chatted to their CEO, John Spencer, who was really enjoying seeing the programme in action. Commissioner for Sport Kate Hoey came across very well when we had a chance to say hello. Boris remembered me as a blogger but called me Paul. I am terrible with names so I don’t hold it against him. Local MP Steven Pound was there trying to look cheerful surrounded by lots of Tories and giving out his communications allowance pens.

Hats off to head Jim Britzman without whom nothing would have happened. Back in May I went with a group of officers from Active Ealing and the guys from Ealing Swimming Club to look at a similar pool at a primary school in Barnet. Again there the willingness of the headteacher and staff is what made the scheme fly. Once we saw what could be achieved we were determined to elbow our way to the front of the queue to get one of the first of these pools for Ealing. Thanks to Jim and Greenwood we succeeded.

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