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Gunnersbury Park is not going to be built on (like it ever was)


Ealing Conservatives issued the following press release on Tuesday but true to form none of the local papers or websites want to publish the very boring story that Ealing Conservatives have always said we will not build on Gunnersbury Park. They didn’t want to mention this in April. They didn’t want to mention this in September. They don’t want to mention it now.

There is always a tendency to want to avoid responding to people stirring it lest you fan the flames. But, it seems that Labour, the LibDems and the Greens think that this is a good stick to beat the Tories with and don’t want to let the record get in the way of a good leaflet either.


Ealing Conservatives this week welcomed the proposals for Gunnersbury Park that are outlined in the recent options appraisal and consultation. The same document proposed using the sale of land along Lionel Road as a means to fund these proposals. Such a sale is against previously stated Council policy, and Ealing Conservatives are happy to restate that any such residential development in Gunnersbury Park or any other Ealing park is not acceptable to this administration.

Councillor Phil Taylor, Portfolio holder for Customer and Community Services, said:

“Our Council has consistently said that it would not support residential development in Gunnersbury Park, or any other park in the Borough.

“Although it has caused some upset it was essential that the question was raised in the recent consultation questionnaire. The kind of enabling development outlined would be acceptable to funding bodies such as English Heritage and the Heritage Lottery Fund. We can now negotiate with these bodies with the clear understanding that such enabling development is unacceptable to the public as well as this council.

“This administration has worked hard to fix Gunnersbury Park since it was elected. Very soon after we came into power we set up the Gunnersbury regeneration board jointly with Hounslow which has moved at a good pace to produce a conservation management plan and an options appraisal for the park. The recent consultation will allow us to gauge the public’s response to proposals for the park.”


Notes to editors:

1. Statement of Phil Taylor in council press release 1471 issued 11th April 2009:

“The concept of enabling development is extremely unattractive to our borough to the point of being unacceptable.”

2. The following statement was issued to the Ealing & Acton Gazette on 8th September:

“As we have previously made clear there are no plans to develop the Gunnersbury Park and it is not the Council’s policy to allow development there.”

3. In the same month the following statement was issued to the Ealing & Acton Gazette on behalf of Phil Taylor:

“It is not the Council’s policy to allow development on Gunnersbury Park. The regeneration board is entitled to look at and discuss various options about how to regenerate the park but it will be the Council, in conjunction with our counterparts in Hounslow, who will make the final decisions on these issues.”

2 replies on “Gunnersbury Park is not going to be built on (like it ever was)”

All very laudable stuff. I’m sure it will win you votes. However, how Ealing land is to be used in the future is subject to residents’ views on the 2011-2026 LDF strategy, and more specifically to the very serious ramifications of Peak Oil, Climate Change and food security.

Most groups and individuals I speak to don’t want residntial tower blocks in the Uxbridge Road/Crossrail Corridor. So if you are going to meet Boris’ home building targets (not all boroughs do) you’ll have to plan to build the 14,000+ homes on open land somewhere in Ealing.

The ramifications of Peak Oil, Climate Change and food security will reverse the process of globalisation and localisation will be a reality in my life time. Part of this could well be the use of some of our open spaces for agriculture. See for more information.


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