Ealing envirocrime

Fly tippers’ truck crushed


Back in August this fly tip was left round the corner from where I live. At the time the matter was dealt with very efficiently by the council, see previous posting. I went through the stuff and found a credit card bill with an address and our local envirocrime officer took a statement from me.


I was very pleased to see this photo yesterday. It shows Northfield envirocrime officer Ricky Wright and David Stokes, one of the area managers and Ricky’s boss, sitting on the remains of the truck that left the fly tip. The two men concerned have also been arrested, interviewed and charged. I look forward to reporting on their sentences soon.

One reply on “Fly tippers’ truck crushed”

Very good news, bearing in mind how continual flytipping spoils our environment and wastes council resources – and uses funding needed for maintenance to projects lower down the list such as Gunnersbury Park.


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