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Met needs to junk the limos pronto


The Mayor was slightly on the back foot yesterday at Mayor’s question time in the face of a question from LibDem AM Dee Doocey regarding senior Metropolitan Police officers’ chauffer driven cars. Follow this link and move the clock to 37:00. Doocey put a figure of £2 million on the total cost and the Evening Standard reported yesterday that this spending involved some 41 officer entitled to cars.

Doocey rightly pointed out that the Mayor had himself recommended to David Cameron that he reduce the number of ministerial and other government cars, see previous posting here.

It does I have to say seem pretty bizarre that the Mayor and his predecessor can do without a car but 41 policemen can’t. Boris indicated that “I can’t snap my finger and make these cars disappear in one fell swoop”. No doubt the Mayor will get rid of these cars during the course of this term. After that any contractual hold outs will need to be names and shamed.

The Government Car Service’s cars cost nearer to £100,000 each so I suspect that Doocey’s number is an underestimate.

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Odd you should mention this. In Hanwell High street yesterday a dark large and expensive limousine came zooming eastwards with some four or five police outriders blowing whistles and gesticulating madly at anyone possibly in their way. It was as though all life froze in the street for a moment.

I thought this sort of infantile thing happened centuries ago. Are people still so very important that they need this sort of expensive treatment?

I see that Doocey believes the saving could put 30 more police on the street. Which reminds me that Mr Stacey asked us to support him in asking BJ for more police for Ealing.

How many did we get and how many did we ask for?


I suspect your Hanwell limo was some bigwig on an official visit en route from Heathrow but diverted off the A4 because of hold ups.

Last Friday Charles and Camilla zoomed down the Uxbridge Road after the Iraq service at St Paul’s. I really don’t think it enhances the royal family to have them in an armoured Range Rover with security cars front and back and four outriders blowing whistles. They were on the Uxbridge Road because the A4 was impassable I guess (or at least it was later in the day when I tried to get to Hammersmith for work).

The coppers’ limos wouldn’t have outriders I am pretty sure.

Our leader Jason reckons that the shortfall in police numbers is something like 68-72. See press release here:

We haven’t been able to get any additional officers out of the Met yet as I understand it.


The brakes also need to be applied to the Met`s foreign travel following news of a Caymans Islands investigation expected to cost circa £8,000,000! Its obviously justified collecting a killer of a local Greenford girl from Latvia but highly questionable basing a team for months on end in the Caribbean sunshine – and difficult to swallow when the Met hasn`t responded to Ealing Borough`s request to correct under-allocation of officers at a time when the public wants a conspicuous but friendly uniformed police presence in town centres.


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