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Sharma out

Virendra SharmaAccording to the Ealing Southall Labour party website the lamentable Cllr Sharma won’t be standing again as a councillor. They don’t actually say that but his name does not appear in the list of candidates for Southall they are putting forward for next year.

Last year Cllr Sharma had the worst attendance record of any of Ealing’s 69 councillors, attending only one third of the meetings he was supposed to, see records here. That did not of course stop Cllr Sharma claiming his full allowance of £9,480 on top of his MP’s salary.

I don’t suppose that we shall see much more of Cllr Sharma. The last time he appeared at a council meeting he was roundly humiliated and made a total fool of himself supporting the cause of Ghurkha settlement in our council chamber and then voting against it in Parliament.

Hopefully he will be neither MP nor councillor next May.

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Last time I checked Ealing had 69 councillors not 63.

When will we find out if Cllr Gibb and G Singh make the conservative candidate list?



Quite right about the numbers. Thanks for the correction. Cllr Gibb is deputy leader of the council and children’s services protofilio holder. He works incredibly hard for the borough. Cllr Singh again is a hard worker. Shamra simply does not turn up.


So you do read Ealing Today.

Interesting that the Labour Councillor for Elthorne’s attendance last year was higher than each of the Tory Councillors. This makes her claim to expenses more justified than those Tories.

Who might be going to take Councillor Oxley’s place?



Your spell checker has gone on the blink!! Can you just confirm if cllrs Gibb & Singh will be standing for council again?. I am also interested to find out if the 4 other defectors are now prepared to face the electorate?



You need to check your facts. The table says Julia Clements-Elliott 87%, Amit Kapoor 89%, Jonathan Oxley 74%. I would be the first person to say that attendance is not everything. Cllr Oxley does an excellent job at the Elthorne ward forum and has played a major role in getting the planning issues around the St John’s school extension. But, Sharma manages to be the worst out of 69 at 33%. The next worst is another Labour councillor at 52% so Sharma really is an outlier.

The local Conservative ward committee that covers both Elthorne and Northfield wards has selected two new people to stand alongside Cllr Amit Kapoor at the next local election. They are Theresa Mullins and Robert Kirkwood. They will be knocking on a door near you soon.


The attendance record by all Councillors at the three LocaL Development Framework Public Consultaion metings so far held has been appalling. Just three out of the 69 attended the LDF meeting in Southall this week. How many will attend the last one in Acton on 1st October I wonder?

You right about the number of meetings attended being an incomplete metric for measuring Councillor performance. So what is a better metric – surely not every four years at the ballot box?

As for Councillor Oxley’s work on the planning fiasco that is the tower of portacabins at St John’s School, I can only complement him on his efforts. However, the ‘problem’ is not solved despite all his efforts. The fiasco possibly points up the fact that Council Officers run the borough as opposed to elected Councillors.


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