National politics

We are the masters (for) now

baroness-scotlandThis lunchtime Radio 4’s World at One show is leading on Baroness Scotland’s £5,000 fine for breaking the law she pushed through Parliament which demands that employers both check and copy their employees documents so that they can ensure that they are not employing illegal immigrants, see BBC story here.

Over the weekend the Sunday Times reported that Scotland has also been abusing the House of Lords expenses system to pilfer £170,000 from tax payers. Although she has lived for some time in Chiswick she makes out that she needs overnight allowances. The BBC isn’t using this story so either it does not stand up or they are colluding in keeping the heat off Scotland.

One of Scotland’s Labour predecessors as Attorney General was the notorious Hartley Shawcross of “we are the masters now” fame. Not for long you are not.

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