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Harman’s folly


If you want some evidence of how far Labour has corrupted our civil service you only have to see this list of milestones produced by the Government Equalities Office. Apparently it records the milestones along the long road of progress towards equality for women.

The truly glaring omission is that our modern civil service is not allowed to name Margaret Thatcher, our first woman prime minister. You can imagine the exchange at the GEO when a lowly functionary presented the list to the Rt Hon Harriet Harman QC MP, Leader of the House of Commons, Lord Privy Seal, Minister for Women, and Cabinet Minister for Equality.

Civil Servant: Are you happy with the list Minister?

Harriet Harman: Yes, I know it is hard to ignore the fact that we elected our first woman prime minister in 1979 but couldn’t we just not use her actual name?

Civil Servant: Yes, Minister.

You can understand that after 12 years in power that the civil service can’t help but genuflect in the face of Labour minister’s prejudices. But, in their desire to demonstrate progress on equality under New Labour the compilers of this list have forgotten to acknowledge another Margaret, Labour hero Margaret Bondfield, this country’s first woman cabinet minister. I guess a date back in 1929 does not fit the New Labour narrative so Bondfield gets airbrushed out too. You might think that Harman would remember her sister but maybe she hasn’t got much time for working class Christians.

The list gives us 27 milestones of which 12 (one a year) happened under New Labour. Right. Apparently the appointment of the thieving Baroness Uddin was some kind of advancement for women. The last three are anniversaries (arbitrarily 100th, 90th and 80th) which hilariously distort the list.

In GEO’s own words:

GEO is a small policy Department employing just over 100 staff (excluding our legal advisers based in HM Treasury Solicitor’s Department).

That is about 100 too many in my book I have to say. If you look at their accounts the 103 idiots employed by GEO last year cost us £70 million.

According to the FT today:

The shadow chancellor also pledged to set out plans before the election for a cull of civil servants on a scale that would “pleasantly surprise” taxpayers.

Culling the GEO wholesale would pleasantly surprise me.

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