Parking Services

Get out of jail free card


I have just been catching up with some casework (that is what councillors call respondoing to your letters). I have had to write to a lady who is unhappy to have got a parking ticket when transporting her mother and her Blue Badge. She got a ticket for parking in a loading bay and feels that the council has made a mistake.

The Blue Badge is not a parking “get out of jail free card”. There are many places where you can’t park even with a Blue Badge. If you are transporting a friend or relative it is as well to know the rules. They are not in the Highway Code and most “civillians” won’t know them. But, everyone who gets a Blue Badge is issued with a booklet called “The Blue Badge Scheme: rights and responsibilities in England”. Click on the title to follow link.

If your grandma wants a ride make sure you read the book or it might be expensive.

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