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Slasher Cam


It was good to see David Cameron talking today about starting with Ministers, MPs and Parliament when it comes to restraining public expenditure next year when he becomes Prime Minister as I have no doubt he will. The BBC’s clip here has a good joke about LibDem eating habits.

You can read the whole speech here.

It looks like he might have taken some ideas from this blog. He talked about government cars and quoted the number of cars involved:

There are times when having a car to hand…

…which gets a minister to a certain place on time…

…is absolutely vital to our democratic process – for example, to make a vote in the House of Commons, or to meet a foreign dignitary or open a school.

But there is no need for 171 of these cars to be on hand for every government minister, whip – and indeed, myself.

You read it here first.

Cameron also talked about the cost of Parliament:

Last year, it cost £500 million to run Parliament.

That’s twice as much as it did in 1997.

And has it really got twice as good?

Again you read it here (well me but on ConservativeHome) first.

Cameron talks about taking 10% of Parliament’s costs out – I would go for 40%. But, all in all Cameron is going in the right direction. And pretty much following Boris Johnson’s advice of last week in the Telegraph.

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