Ealing and Northfield

New libraries for old

September will see the opening of two refurbished libraries. I was able to have a sneak peek this morning.

northolt-libraryOn Monday 14th at 9am Northolt Library will re-open for business.

With the help of the Lottery we have completely refurbished Northolt Library and it looks really stunning. We have our council officers to thank for putting in a winning bid for this round of funding.

The outside is now very eye-catching as you will have noticed driving up Church Road but the inside is wonderful. Very light and airy with lots of space.

The building is transformed.

On Tuesday 22nd at 9am West Ealing Library will re-open.

This is a more modest scheme which updates a relatively modern library that was looking a little tired. My photo below does not do the interior justice – it is not really that gloomy, it is my camera, or more likely my technique, that is at fault.


In both cases we have pushed the libraries out towards the street, making them more obvious and accessible. This worked very successfully in Northfield Library where usage of library increased massively after its refurbishment. The Northfield statistics spoke for themselves, see here. I am sure these two latest projects will be equally successful.

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