Ealing and Northfield

Sharma back in junket land

Virendra SharmaApparently our MP is on his travels again. I saw the Daily Mail on the plane home from my holidays yesterday. According to them:

A crack team of MPs have spent the past week on a junket – sorry, fact-finding trip – in Mauritius.

‘We were there to build a closer relationship between the UK and the island,’ said a spokesman for Labour MP Virendra Sharma, who was on the expenses-paid trip.

Nothing to do with the fact that the Indian Ocean is paradise on Earth at this time of year.

Funnily enough Ealing Southall MP, Virendra Sharma, fails to mention this on his own website. Could it be he is a tad embarassed by the trip? I had thought that earlier revelations had shamed him into staying home.

2 replies on “Sharma back in junket land”

This guy is a joke! Are we honestly supposed to believe he is there on official Parliamentary business. Exactly what is he doing there? How much of our money has been spent on this trip and to what end? Also, how does it benefit his Southall constituents? WTF?!?!


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