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Harman’s judgement

Harriet Harman is easy to ridicule as Harriet Harperson. She makes it easy.

I don’t watch GMTV but apparently that was the forum that Harriet Harman, Deputy Prime Minister [sorry Labour party leader] and the person with her finger on the red button this week and last, used this morning (according to the Times) to say:

Somebody did say… that if it had been Lehman sisters rather than Lehman Brothers then there may not have been as much…

Essentially she was trying to blame the credit crunch on men. Only on Sunday the Sunday Times quoted her as saying:

Men cannot be left to run things on their own. I think it’s a thoroughly bad thing to have a men-only leadership. In a country where women regard themselves as equal, they are not prepared to see men just running the show themselves. I think a balanced team of men and women makes better decisions.

This woman aspires to running our country. What a complete arse? Apparently she will be standing in for Gordon Brown for another week. Deliver us from evil.

2 replies on “Harman’s judgement”


Thank you for that. I have corrected the blog.

I should have said Deputy Labour party leader deputising for the Prime Minister in his absence. She is still an arse.


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