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Customer Services working very well

If you click on the Customer Services Category link on the right hand menu you will see that I regularly check the performance of our Customer Services organisation. You might call it mystery shopping.

Today I was shopping in earnest as I needed a new parking permit and some more CPZ vouchers. We had our car totalled in a hit and run whilst it was parked outside the house last month. It was written off as a result. I needed a new permit rather than a renewal.

I walked in the 4:36pm. There were only 8 people waiting in the whole facility and I was only the second person waiting for a permit. I was seen in 2 minutes. Having checked my paperwork, given me permit and vouchers and taken payment I was out in another 8 minutes. Total time in Customer Services 10 minutes.

Great service from a very nice lady. Thank you.

2 replies on “Customer Services working very well”

Hi Phil

Obviously late is the best time to go in!
I was over 45minutes (starting about 2p.m.) waiting for some visitors permits and being deafened by the continuous lady SHOUTing the next ticket number (almost as bad as being on a bus or tube nowadays)
However I must admit that the lady who helped me was extremely nice and of course had a few minutes break when I had to go to the cash office and queue (for another nice lady) before returning to collect the books!




Sorry to hear about your wait. I would hope and expect the meeters and greeters would have warned you of this wait so at least you would have had the choice to avoid it if you could.

I recently ordered vouchers by post – it took a week which is a fairly long time (but includes two trips through the postal system).

Within a few days online ordering for visitors vouchers will be ready.


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