National politics

Pants on fire

This attack video comes from the Conservatives. They pretty much call Brown a liar. I can’t say I disagree with them. I guess Labour thinks that no-one is capable of reading the budget Red Book. They are right that most people won’t read it. They seem to forget that nowadays there are enough people blogging and linking to that kind of document that they can’t really get away with this kind of lie campaign any more. Good job. For instance, see Fraser Nelson here.


These figures show the hollowness of Brown’s trademark Orwellian use of the word “investment”. The real meaning of investment conveys the putting aside of money for the future. It is used to denote the act of saving or the act of making capital (long term) purchases. Brown has used it as an attractive shorthand for revenue spending with no concern for outcomes. Spending for its own sake. Yet we see in his own government’s Red Book that actual investment in cash terms is due to fall from £63 billion in the current financial year to £46 billion in 2013/4. The man has so distorted the language and the numbers that he seems to have lost touch with reality completely.

The world has moved on and left Brown and his type behind.

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