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Ken was cheap, Boris is cheap

Certain leftie blogs are getting exercised over the Mayor’s taxi expenses. See Tory Troll and the BBC.

If Boris acted like the 150 odd ministers and civil servants who are entitled to Government Car Service cars his travel costs would be about £90K per annum before anything else happened. See more here.

I know some people really take the Michael with expenses but perhaps the Mayor is entitled to keep a taxi waiting now and then. We know he cycles a lot – we see the pictures all the time.

Just about every London Borough has a ceremonial mayor who works hard, but not perhaps quite as hard as Boris, and gets the limo treatment at a similar cost to all those Government cars.

Perhaps before:

The Labour Party at City Hall has demanded an “explanation for the discrepancies” in the mayor’s accounts.

They might ask why we have to spend £14 million running 150 VIPs around in limos, most of whom we might think were less VIP than the London Mayor. The truth is that Boris, and Ken before him, have shown that you can have a big job without the limo.

One reply on “Ken was cheap, Boris is cheap”

I saw your comment on the Tory Troll blog last night and wondered if I should email you with the message: “abandon hope all ye who enter here”.

It came as no surprise then, that in reply to your comment, the blogger totally declined to deal with the substantive point, and instead chose to attack you with another of his sneering ad hominems.

I’ve all but given up trying to have any meaningful debate with him (or his cheerleaders and groupies)… something, no doubt, that will have them raising their lager tins in victory. Yes, it’s a curious thing to be happy when reasoned argument is defeated, but it’s understandable:

AdamB has foolishly blogged himself into a corner. His blog, and its success, is entirely predicated on the assumption that everything about Boris Johnson just has to be bad, or must be portrayed in the meanest and most negative light. Any comment, however well-reasoned, that exposes the foolishness of such a caricature is, quite simply, bad for business.


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