Customer Services

Customer Services working well this morning

At 9am this morning, on the dot, I was outside Ealing Council’s Perceval House with about 20 others waiting to be let into the main customer services reception area. There were a few people ahead of us being dealt with by the meeters and greeters and it took 4 minutes before we joined the other early birds inside.

There were six people ahead of me in the parking permits queue when I looked. It took precisely 7 minutes to get from the meeters and greeters to an agent sitting at their desk.

There were two cash office windows open with one person being served and one person waiting.

Everything seemed clean and efficient and smiley from what I could see. Well done all.

One reply on “Customer Services working well this morning”

Well – a sample of one.

And one contented resident.

That’s all OK then I guess.

And the web site is seemingly working again. Only 8 more years to go and the Council can then review its ICT service supplier options.


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