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Tonight’s election broadcast by David Cameron

One reply on “Tonight’s election broadcast by David Cameron”


I presume this is aimed at the Local Elections which we in London don’t have this year.

There is nothing in it about why we should vote to send Conservatives to the European Parliament. He doesn’t mention the European Union, or the European Parliament, at all. In fact he mentions Europe only once near the end, almost as an afterthought, and has still not made clear whether or not, in the event the Lisbon / Constitutional Treaty is ratified before the next General Election, he would hold a retrospective Referendum on it.

Cameron likes to sound tough but he has yet to do anything tough where the European Union is concerned. With Kenneth Clarke in the shadow cabinet and Messrs Heseltine, Hurd, and Howe as influential Party ‘grandees’, I don’t think the prospects of a Conservative Government standing up for British interests are much better than under Labour.

No Government has ever produced a cost / benefit analysis of our membership of the European Union – the best attempt has been done by the Bruges Group. If you read through that, you will see that the cost of Britain’s membership exceeds £ 50 billion per year and rising. The ‘benefit’ we get in return is over 80% of our laws are made in Brussels and many of them stifle our competitiveness and add extra burdens on small businesses.

If a Conservative Government wanted to make massive savings and benefit our industries and small businesses it need look no further than redefining our relationship with the European Union to something along the lines of Norway or Switzerland.


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