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Down with traffic lights

I missed this story in the Sunday Times over the weekend. It covers improvements to traffic congestion that my colleague David Millican is making and focuses on the removal of traffic lights in particular. Millican had a piece published on the ConservativeHome blog today that covered the background to this story, see here.

It takes a while for these things to get into the press sometimes. This was discussed at the last Cabinet meeting on 7th April. You can see the paper here with all the details.

As is usual with these things go straight to the table at the back. We are spending £200K on some small schemes to reduce traffic congestion. We know that the Residents’ Survey showed that congestion is a big issue for a large proportion of people in the Borough, see graphic below, this scheme is a start to tackling this important issue.

The topic is also covered on the Ealing Today forum here. Robert Worley heard the item being discussed on Radio Five on Saturday night. As ever grumpy old Eric Leach gets it wrong again saying: “The story is not on the Council’s web site”. The council’s press release, issued on April 8th, is here.

4 replies on “Down with traffic lights”

Oh dear.

The Council’s press release of 8 April says nothing about turning off traffic lights. Bit of a silly statement of your part Councillor.

The news element on Ealing Council’s web site is awful. It’s indefensible. Even Council Officers agree with me.

‘Old’ Eric Leach – surely that’s ageist! It’s a bit like my calling you an ex-Lib Dem – which according to others appears to be true. For my part it’s true that I’m 64 years old.

As for grumpy – well what can I say? Dictionaries don’t seem to define the word, but it could well apply to you if you don’t get re-elected in May 2010. Carry on making enemies the way that you do and you could find yourself a non Councillor next year.

Who are these residents that the Council surveys? I volunteered to be one of them but I’ve never been surveyed.

It will indeed be interesting if one of the seven sets of traffic lights to be turned off are at the Lido Junction in West Ealing. Instead of it being Russian Roulette for pedestrians there, it will extend this privilege to drivers as well.

Up with traffic lights – where they are clearly appropriate.


Hi Eric,

Don’t be silly. I haven’t got any enemies.

I went to a few Young Liberal meetings in Worthing when I was a teen. By 1979 I had seen the light.



I misread the figures in the report. The number is £200K. These are proper road schemes, not just putting a bag over traffic lights as has been suggested in the press. So there will be zebra corssing and miniroundabouts replacing traffic lights with pedestrian phases for instance.


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