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Sharma gets it wrong, very wrong

Last Tuesday Labour MP for Ealing Southall and local councillor, Virendra Sharma, made a rare appearance in the council chamber. Sharma claims to be much too busy to attend very often due to Parliamentary business. He also makes a right fool of himself when he does. Last Tuesday he was defensive to say the least as he was constantly challenged by the Tory group for his lack of attendance.

Yesterday, whilst the government lost the Ghurka vote in a large rebellion, Sharma managed to stick with the government whip and voted against the Ghurkas after having spoken and voted for them in our own council chamber. What a prat?

Ealing Council Leader, Cllr Jason Stacey, said:

Many Gurkhas attended the council meeting on the 21st April and they heard Mr Sharma speak in favour of their cause and all parties represented on Ealing Council voted to support the motion in favour of the Gurkhas campaign. How can an elected MP and Councillor speak and vote one way and then just eight days later do the complete opposite? Mr Sharma can try all he likes to wriggle out of this one but many Gurkhas in this borough will feel completely betrayed by an MP who has treated them with such contempt.

The following motion was passed unanimously by Ealing Council on the 21st April 2009:

Campaign for Gurkah Citizenship Rights

This Council acknowledges its gratitude to the Gurkhas of Ealing who have fought and sacrificed for the United Kingdom, and supports their campaign for citizenship rights.

This Council notes that the Government announced in September 2004 a change in immigration rules that allowed Gurkhas who had served in the British Army to settle in the United Kingdom with their families.

This Council notes with concern however that this offer has only been extended to cover those Gurkhas who had served at least four years and been discharged after 1st July 1997.

This Council believes that, given the exceptional service they have given to the United Kingdom, Gurkhas and their families should be given fast track eligibility for either the right to remain or citizenship.

This Council urges Ealing’s three MPs to support the campaign for Gurkha rights.

Obviously Sharma voted for this motion and did in fact speak in favour of it.

The following motion was laid before the House of Commons on 29th April 2009:

That this House regrets the Government’s recent statement outlining the eligibility criteria for Gurkhas to reside in the United Kingdom; recognises the contribution the Gurkhas have made to the safety and freedom of the United Kingdom for the past 200 years; notes that more Gurkhas have laid down their lives for the United Kingdom than are estimated to want to live here; believes that Gurkhas who retired before 1997 should be treated fairly and in the same way as those who have retired since; is concerned that the Government’s new guidelines will permit only a small minority of Gurkhas and their families to settle whilst preventing the vast majority; further believes that people who are prepared to fight and die for the United Kingdom should be entitled to live in the country; and calls upon the Government to withdraw its new guidelines immediately and bring forward revised proposals that extend an equal right of residence to all Gurkhas.

Sharma voted against this motion (unlike 27 of his Labour colleagues).

21 replies on “Sharma gets it wrong, very wrong”

The answer’s actually simple: Mr Sharma is a coward.

At the council chambers there were many Gurkha’s present – so he voted in their favour.
In the division lobby, there were many party whips present – so he toed the party line.

The message is also simple: If you want Mr Sharma to vote a particular way, pack the meeting with people of whom he is scared.


How Sharma voted in the commons can’t be a surprise. When pressed by us in the council chamber about his desperatley poor attendance he responded by saying, he doesn’t answer to us, he answers to the whip. At least he told the truth about that, even if it isn’t what his constituents want to hear


Well said. Sharma is a disgrace. When even Pound did the right thing in backing the Gurkhas and resigned [as an assitant to a government minister I think] then it really does say something about Sharma. Do you think that Sharma was “offered something” heaven forbid?


Another fine example of a labour moron. Complete plonker. I’m glad you have exposed him. It’s is scary that prats like this are ever given any authority at all.


Misguided, misinformed, mistaken.
Taking the actions of hard working MP’s out of context is all well and good but hardly productive. The fact remains that since coming to power Mr Sharma has done more for the local area then any Conservative candidate could ever do. One need look no further then the prospective candidate Cllr Gurcharan Singh for indication of actual impropriety. Having said that it’s nice to see Tory councillors like you growing fat off our taxes. “What a prat”


As far as I am concerned Mr Sharma has done absolutely nothing for the local area. Who are you trying to kid?

It’s a pity that the local Tories have not had the bottle to do something about his allowances.

But then politicians hate having their allowances being scrutinised by the public.


“do something about his allowances”?
what exactly do you wish be done about his allowances; iv checked your facts and found Mr Sharma has among the lowest level of allowance expenditures of any outer london MP’s!
‘Who are you trying to kid?’
are you sure your not a BNP voter?


If you read the text instead of listening to your prejudice, it will be noted that I refer to Mr Sharma’s allowance as a councillor and not as an MP.

That is where the local Tories have failed to take action.

Your remark about BNP is absurd. The internet contains endless reference to inaction by Mr Sharma. And now he comes across as a hypocrite. You can do your own research.



Mr Sharma is an elected Cllr for the Labour Party to represent the Norwood Green are. The only ammunition being used to attack Mr Sharma is that he is claiming allowances but not attending meetings. Does this mean that an allowance is paid for him toattend meetings but not represent his ward? Have there been complaints from his ward that they are unable to get hold of him? How about the local tories asking the 5 defectors to stop taking there allowances as they were elected as Labour Cllrs and why did they not stepdown as cllrs and have by – election. The answer to that question is that they knew they would lose, so why not continue taking the allowances until the next election.
As for Mr Sharma not doing anything for Southal / Ealing is an understatement. Come and visit his office in Southall and see the amount of work he and his staff are doing. It is fine to sit in the leafy part of Ealing and say nothing is being done. Come to Southall and see what is being faced daily


Why do most other councillors attend Council but Mr Sharma does not? Does that mean that most other councillors do less work in their surgeries? Ask Amit Kapoor or Colm Costello. Has Mr Sharma stepped out of Southall into the rest of his constituency? Word on the street in this leafy part of the constituency is never. What evidence is there that he does anything useful in Westminster? The record shows very little. He is a drain on local taxes i.e. my money and not his. What an insult.

What’s all this about going to see what he is doing in Southall? Southall is a permanent traffic jam. I go to visit my dentist or solicitor or whatever, but my MP should be out and about promoting what he stands for. He should take a leaf out of what all other Ealing MPs have done for decades. He should be accessible and visible. As far as I am concerned there is no MP in the East side of his constituency, and that also is the word on the street. He does not deserve the vote, because there is no evidence that he is a hard working constituency MP. That REALLY is what gains respect. People agree or disagree with Mr Pound, but he cannot be faulted for coming across as a hard working MP.

The labour party in Southall is finished. They just don’t get it. Any change of activity before the election will be too late. It will also be specious. The electors want change and something new.


George get of your high horse.

Coming to visit your dentist or solicitor in Southall makes you the voice of Southall”s issues does it.

Mr Sharma does attend the leafy part of Ealing. He attends his surgeries there and mmets people on his walkarounds if you have issues as to the visability of your MP maybe you should attend and highlight these points or are you another armchair politician wannabe who constantly complains but does nothing.

Why do you feel he is not accessible. He has an office, Staff working from morning till night, His mobile number is available, he has a website. He has recently sent out his annual report ( Which he personally delivered with volunteers to the leafy part of Ealing). Please explain what you would like him to do about the traffic in Southall? Should the local authority in power not be dealing with this as well as your MP if to you it is a major issue.

Support of not having the 3rd runway(Heathrow Expansion)

Highlighting and holding meetings on the Sri Lanka issue in Parliament and also with all local community groups(as highlighted in the local paper)

Dealing with “Khat” use within the Somalian community.

Bombings in India

Problems that are faced in Israel

The war in Iraq/Afghanistan

All issues that affect the local communities in Ealing/Southall which Mr Sharma is playing a pivotol roll in, in his constituency and bringing it up in Parliament.

One question still not answered: 5 defectors should they stand down and seek re- election in the Southall wards?

Let them stand down and let see if Labour is really finished in Southall as you put it.


Date of last news letter – Autumn 2008 AGES AGO

Any mention of activities out side Southall? NO

Seen on BBC Parliament HARDLY EVER

Spoke in 8 debates last year WELL BELOW AVERAGE

Serves the Indian community YES

Seen or heard in Elthorne or other eastern parts of the constituency NO

Complains about turncoats but gets paid for scarcely attending Council YES

Voted two facedly concerning Ghurkhas YES


Quite frankly I am dissapointed with the comments on this blog. Mr Sharma has worked his upmost hardest to connect the community to its government.

I had learnt that he held weekly appointments in ealing and southall, after which i booked an appointment for advice on a council issue. Mr Sharma was very helpful, as were his caseworkers, who dealt efficently with my complaint to the council and I received feedback withing weeks.


The news letter was published under a month ago
get your facts right
You seem to be avoiding the question regarding turncoat tory councillors
how is that justified?
You also seem to be inferring that Mr Sharma cares only for the Indian Community, despite no evidence to support this. Evidence points to the contrary (see Bobs points)
Its my understanding that he holds regular surgeries in Northfields
Is your idea of being a good MP about being seen on the street?
Are you sure your not a BNP voter?


Newsletter deliverd to all houses in Northfield/Elthorne areas personally by Mr Sharma and volunteers 2 weekends ago. He then had a walk around and met people in HANWELL and also spoke to local constituents while delivering his report.

I do not see just sitting in the House and being frequently on tv makes you a good MP. How about all meetings attended that are not televised.How about all the work and contacts that are made that are not published. How about his launch in the Awareness of Diabetes which was launced on Monday. How about his work with the youth in getting them into training, education and employment opportunities.

There is a lot you do not know or do not want to know but thanks to Phil Taylor Blog this gives me an opportunity to put my view on what i see out local MP doing

He serves the people of Ealing/ Southall, this includes all communities not just the indian community. What you may be referring to is that i have highlighted him fighting ethnic minority isuues when a large proportion of his constituents are of an ethnic background but that does not mean he is not dealing with other groups issues. If highlighted i am sure he will fight for their cause like he does for all groups.

Iraq/ Afghan war is not just about the people that live there but also about the soldiers who are out there putting their lives at risk daily to support those innocent civillians who are caught up in the war.

I still am awaiting answer in regards to defectors as putting it back on what Mr Sharma claims is not really an answer to the question that was put.

MP”S are in Parliament Mon – Thurs and last voting normally is at 10pm. They are in there constituency Friday – Sunday. His staff run the office in Southall and deal with great many issues.

I feel George you are losing the arguement and like the rest of the tories will only have the issue about his allownaces to talk about


Maria, this a Tory blog so it would be negative towards another parties politician. What gets me is that when a politician is working hard for his constituents whether that be a MP or a CLLR it should be highlighted and not just negative things and mostly untrue things being written about him/her. i am sure there are people of Mr Taylor”s ward who are unhappy with his contribution in council matters. you cannot please everyone so constructive critism is fair but to use some of the language that has been put on this page is shameful and rather petty as it shows the level of understanding these people have and that definetly goes for Mr Taylor himself.


These contributions are interesting to say the least. I can remember when conservatives defected tot he labour party and the liberals in the late 1990’s and they were welcomed with open arms. No calls for by elections then. I can say with hand on heart that Gucharan Singh was a very busy cllr in southall when he was a labour cllr and he is a busy cllr in southall as a conservative cllr now. He not only attends the meetings, he never stops talking. Basically he contributes. Cllr Sharma doesn’t attend the meetings he is paid to attend. that is every bit as bad as claiming expenses that you shouldn’t be claiming and he should hang his head in shame. He clearly is not doing the job he was elected to do as a cllr. I can’t comment on what he does as an mp because i don’t know what he does, but as a local cllr, I know he does not attend the meetings so he can’t make the case for his constituents if he is not there. If he can’t do this, he shouldn’t get paid for not doing his job. the end


What really annoys me about Mr Sharma is that he cynically takes virtually £40,000 over 4 years for hardly (unlike others) ever turning up at Council, which is a very bad return on investment, and secondly he votes hypocritically on the Ghurkha issue – see Ian Gibbs blog for the detail. Why should Mr Sharma be trusted?

However Colm, you are not blameless as you have responsibility for voting in the Allowances each year. If you watch Newsnight you will be extremely clear about how low politicians think they are in the view of the public.

I suggest you carefully think about my comments to Phil under Heroes and Villains on this blog site. You will recall that the country was extremely sick of Tory sleaze in 1996/7. If the Tories, one of who possibly claimed for some horse manure, don’t bother to address waste on Allowances – both nationally AND locally, what hope is there for you getting out of the pit?

Time for action – not argument.


I can’t find your comments under heroes and villains so am not sure what your point was. I agree with you that we tories were very unpopular for most of the 1990’s but would hope that we can agree that David Cameron is taking this seriously and is showing the leadership required here, unlike Gordon Brown who thought adopting the European parliaments policy of paying people for turning up at work with an attendance allowance on top of their wages was a good idea. As far as my responsibility locally, I have claimed once in 3 years for petrol. I drove three cllrs to a scrutiny site visit in oxfordshire saving the council 3 train fares. I got £22 6 weeks later. My pay is £9,000pa as a local cllr. I put in at least 25 hours a week and am happy to do that. I certainly don’t feel over paid


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