Ealing and Northfield

SEC meeting tonight

In case you haven’t seen the SEC flyer for tonight’s meeting here it is above. The Save Ealing’s Centre meeting tonight at the Town Hall (from 7.30pm) will probably be a long session. Ostensibly it is called to launch SEC’s vision document, see here. Judging by the flyer’s “mugged by developers” line the meeting will also be an opportunity for people to comment again on the Dickens Yard and Arcadia developments in the town centre.

I have been through the document in detail and will comment on the “Arts, Culture, Entertainment and Leisure” and “Community” sections which raise various issues I am responsible for later in the week.

In the meantime I thought it would be constructive to say what I like about it:

  • Firstly, it is great that SEC are joining in the debate. The council has been undertaking a large project since September 2007 to produce our Local Development Framework (LDF) to replace the Unitary Development Plan (UDP). This work is the Ealing masterplan that SEC has been calling for. The project included commissioning the Tibbalds work which is referenced repeatedly by SEC.
  • Secondly, the idea of using existing facilities in the town centre for cultural and leisure purposes, in particular the Town Hall, is very attractive. I for one think that the Town Hall is underused. The related idea of a cultural quarter should be developed to link together and enhance our cultural assets.
  • Finally, the document is right to point up the inadequacy of the access arrangements at Ealing Police Station. This was one of the first things I blogged about in February 2006

You may say I have missed rather a lot of the good points off my list. That was either because I didn’t think they were good points because they are just plain wrong, or they are easily fixable, or it is a case of no amount of saying you want lots of free loveliness will get it for you. For today, I will restrict my criticism of the document to one key point, it is too much of an uncosted wish list – I will return to this later in the week.

I have a meeting already booked for tonight but will try to pop along later. Hopefully local LibDem party chairman and joint author of the vision document, Tony Miller, won’t hiss at me like he did when I started to speak at the Arcadia planning meeting.

One reply on “SEC meeting tonight”

Ealing also needs to be saved from departing businesses giving it a ghost-town feel. The South Ealing branch of HSBC is the latest I’ve come across that will not be renewing its lease. It has big signs up announcing its imminent demise telling customers to use Ealing Broadway after April.


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