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Don’t let Harman get away with it

Last week we learnt that Harriet Harman, Leader of the House and deputy leader of the two-legs party, wants to exempt MPs’ expenses from Freedom of Information laws, see here. A statement revealing the plans was slipped out last Thursday in the Commons by Harperson, in order to “bury bad news” just as proposals for Heathrow’s third runway were made public.

MPs will vote on this proposal this Thursday. If you want to do something about it go to and follow the instructions. I have just written to my MP, Virendra Sharma, who is MP for Ealing Southall.

Dear Virendra Sharma,

I am writing to ask you to vote against the draft Freedom of Information (Parliament) Order 2009 this Thursday and to ask you to sign Jo Swinson’s Early Day Motion number 492.

This order removes the expenses of hon. Members and Peers from the scope of the Freedom of Information Act and thus singles them out for special treatment. They will be the only public officials who will not have to disclose full details of their expenses.

This order does not reflect well on Parliament and will bring Parliament even further into disrepute. It will not reflect well on members who vote for it.

Yours sincerely,

Phil Taylor

4 replies on “Don’t let Harman get away with it”

If you get a response then perhaps you will share with us the secret which induced him to reply.

I get responses from Ealing MPs outside my constituency, but never from this one.

Regardless of his or my politics, he is very unlikely to get my vote because he appears to be such an awful constituency MP.



To be fair to Sharma I wrote to him regarding Tibet and he did send a complete reply. It will be interesting to see if he responds on this issue.


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