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The LibDems are coming

One of the local LibDem activists was boasting on Saturday that he had roused himself to do some leafleting. Toran Shaw hopes to be a LibDem councillor for Walpole ward one day.

On Saturday a group of us Tories were knocking on doors in neighbouring Elthorne ward asking people what the issues were in their street. We got a warm reception from residents who have noticed a profound change for the better in their local environment. One woman gave me a rare old roasting about some of the many things that are still wrong with the Borough. As I walked off wondering why I had bothered she shouted after me: “You’ll get my vote!” I don’t think she was being ironic, especially as we had only talked about the issues and not talked about parties and voting.

Tor, Leaflets are fine but you need talk to people not just push your shouty orange leaflets through their doors.

Interestingly Tor reports that:

The aim of today was to deliver the latest Focus, as well as a leaflet for a Save Ealing’s Centre meeting taking place on 20 January.

If Save Ealing’s Centre want to be seen as an independent pressure group rather than just a LibDem campaign vehicle they need to keep some separation from the LibDems. I notice that SEC’s vision paper, all 32 pages of it, was printed by the HELP Press Ltd, Rickmansworth which is an in-house LibDem printing operation. Local LibDem leaflets, and indeed LibDem leaflets the length and breadth of the country, are printed by HELP.

I wrote to SEC at the start of September to ask for copies of its constitution and minutes. As a fully paid up member of one of the residents associations it purports to represent I figured I was entitled to see this material. I haven’t heard from SEC so I guess they don’t think public life should be transparent and open. We have evidence that they are a LibDem front. Do they want to furnish some evidence to the contrary?

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Mr Taylor,I am a conservative voter and also on the Ealing broadway ward conservative commitee and the conservatie constituency commitee.I am also one of the active group who deliver the consevative “contact ” around the ward when it is published.
I am apalled that you use your blog to try and discredit the views of thousands of ealing residents in respect of the town centre developments, by making cheap and totally false comments about the political nature of SEC.We have always been rigorously non- partizan.The previous labour administration never accused us of being a Tory front.You yourself were helped no end in your election by myself and others delivering anti-tram leaflets within your ward.The labour administration did not accuse Save Ealing Streets of being a Tory front.
This is the second time that I have been informed of your arrogant and unjustified blog remarks.I did not bother to respond before when you made the moronic remark that SEC members were to paraphrse “nimbys living in big houses in the middle of ealing”.If you knew anything about the centre of ealing,at all you would know that there are many many apartment blocks and hundreds of these “big”houses are split into apartments.Anyway I never thought I would see the day when a conservative politician would become a clone of Derek Hatton and Ken Livingstone and promote the politics of envy.And you are a member of the cabinet!Jason Stacey should send you away to be re-educated as you are obviously a “loose canon”.
If you really have the courage why don`t you call a debate with SEC and answer factually all the objections we have raised.Or attend our “vision”meeting on the 20th.You might learn enough to become humble.Or even bother to spend sometime going back over the history of the town centre developments right from the initial UDP inspectors and planning guidance reports through all the cabinet and committee reports.Funnily enough you were not a councillor through most of this saga and you will not want to be told that until the 2006 elections the conservative opposition challenged nearly every element of the process.Ask Antony Young.He of 30 yrs standing will tell you that conservatives called in various proposals including the changing of the selection criteria which resulted in St George being selected in preference to others(superior financial offer).Even our present leader was part of this opposition.
We voted out labour for many reasons one of which was the arrogance that arises after too long in power.LO and behold it has taken you only 2yrs rather than their 12!Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts abolutely.
Please publish your apology on this blog at your leisure regards greg phelan.



Yours is a completely uninformed rant. If it wasn’t so offensive it could be quite amusing.

I’m an SEC founder; an agnostic; an apolitical person; and I’ve never been a member of any political party.

I’m amazed that you are so threatened by the LibDems.

SEC has a Constitution. Publicly available SEC Minutes would be nice – but sadly don’t exist. I’m not sure that the organisers of the French Revolution produced publicly available meeting Minutes either.

We are volunteers – we don’t get paid £25,000/year like you to do ‘good works’.

Why don’t you come along to the next SEC meeting – which happens to be a public meeting in the Town Hall, on Tuesday 20th January at 7:30 pm? But make sure you arrive early as 100s of citizens will attend telling you and your chums how you’ve got it all wrong in the centre of Ealing.

Transparent and open?

Public life?

Ealing Council – ‘transparent and open’? Don’t make me laugh:

+ which senior Council Officer has just been suspended?

+ which major development in Ealing features a ‘favoured’ developer who is the ex-employer of a current senior Council employee who is project managing the development?

+ why has an energy company been ‘secretly’ granted’ a 25 year lease on common land in the centre of Ealing to run a pwoer generation facility for ice skating and a whole miasma of bizarre entertainments on Haven Green?

+ why weeks after the half a £billion news of the conditional approval of Dickens Yard and Arcadia Tupperware Tower planning decisions the Council can’t bring itself to spend any of its annual £3 million publicity budget to even press release this information or place the news on its web site home page? Doesn’t the Council think this is news?

+ Minutes of the Arcadia Tupperware Tower 17th December 2008 Planning Committee Panel meeting are supposed to be ‘constitutionally’ available by now – but are not. Why not?

+ How could you possibly allow yourself to tell the Ealing Gazette this week that firing 25 Ealing Council Library staff would ‘allow libraries to open longer’. A completely bizarre pronouncement on your part.

You are indeed open – ie ‘exposed’, and transparent – ie we can see though you…


Congratulations. You made me laugh out loud. What a fantastic piece of logic: the Lib Dems use HELP Press Ltd, SEC use HELP Press Ltd therefore SEC is a LibDem front. Pathetic.

I’m an SEC member, not a member of any political party and believe in spending time and money wisely as we are a voluntary group and don’t have lots of either to splash about. If that means using the same printers as the LibDem (ooooh, conspiracy…), then so be it.

Your complaint about SEC is, I should imagine, rooted in the fact that we are a coalition of residents associations i.e. people and organisations out of your control and you are the Councillor who dismissed the objections to the Arcadia project because (according to you) none of the objectors had ever sold anything and you preferred to back the local business in your ward. You spoke, of course, from a position of utter ignorance as you know nothing about the objectors to the Arcadia development. Still, when did lack of facts ever stop you from making a statement?

In other words, we’re the people you want to go away because we are not prepared to agree with you.

No matter how many times ‘Call me Dave’ launches a Hug-a-hoodie competition or gets down with the kids by having his bike nicked, the Conservatives are never going to shake off the label of being smug and arrogant as long as politicians like you are around.


Greg, Alison and Eric,

In over 1,000 words between you you have failed completely to address my points:

– why did you use LibDem activists to distribute your leaflets? Was this wise? Residents’ associations usually strive to be non-partisan. Do you want to acknowledge that this actually happened? Do you want to promise people that you will not repeat this error?

– why did you let the LibDems print your vision paper? Was this wise? Residents’ associations usually strive to be non-partisan. Do you want to acknowledge that this actually happened? Do you want to promise people that you will not repeat this error?

– why won’t you release a copy of your constitution and minutes to me? I asked for these formally, in writing, at the start of September. I am one of the residents you purport to represent and am a longstanding and fully paid up member of WRA.

Less bluster and more facts please.



I think it was Alison who said:

“I’m an SEC member, not a member of any political party and believe in spending time and money wisely as we are a voluntary group and don’t have lots of either to splash about. If that means using the same printers as the LibDem (ooooh, conspiracy…), then so be it.”

I don’t think that your LibDem chums have been entirely straight with you. According to LibDem blogger Sarah Bedford, see here:

“HELP merely stands for Hillingdon and Ealing Liberal Print, the legal name given to a couple of Riso machines in local members’ garages.”

So they are not just the same printers as the LibDems, they are the LibDems.

There are two ways to look at this:

– either the LibDems gave you the printing at a subsidised rate and are therefore giving SEC help in kind – which the public should know about


– you paid a market price for the printing and you would have been well advised to steer clear of using the LibDem’s own in house print operation.

Which one is it Greg?

You don’t seem to want to explain why LibDem activists were distributing your leaflets last week.

Eric’s claim that there are no minutes does not really hold water. How do you communicate your group’s decisions to your 26 member oganisations? I can’t believe you do this without formal minutes.


Who really cares whether the people who distributed the SEC leaflets were LibDems, Tories, New Labour Tories, Greens, Gays, Agnostics, Christians, Muslims, Jews, Rowers, Ballet Teachers, Web Site Designers, Architects, over weight, under weight, tall, short or even Bar Managers? Nobody seemingly but you Phil.

Also HELP are not a proscribed or a terrorist organistion. They are an economocally available printers who offer a fast turnaround.

Oh SEC can communicate alright. Getting 100s of citizens to attend the SEC meeting on Tuesday in the Town Hall will show you this.

Oh and if SEC does produce meeting Minutes maybe your gripe is with EFRA or WRA not SEC.

What really is hilarious about your position Phil is that choose to rant about the printing and the distribution of collateral concerning the SEC Vision for Ealing Centre, rather than ranting about the content of the SEC Vision. Form over content yet again.


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