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Cars, cars everywhere …

One of my colleagues, Councillor Colm Costello, has obtained the following numbers from the Department of Transport regarding the number of licensed vehicles in Ealing. You can see that the number of vehicles on our roads has increased 15% in ten years from 1997 to 2007.

Coincidentally the following figures from our residents’ survey have just been published in Around Ealing:

It is not hard to see the relationship between Colm’s figures and the fourth and fifth concerns of Ealing residents. It is a case of my car is your problem and vice versa.

Interestingly our neighbours Richmond today announced that they would consult on charging more polluting vehicles 25% more in their car parks and less polluting ones 25% less. It sounds like a fiendishly complicated scheme where to just get the standstill price you have to pay £2.50 to log onto a website. Ealing seems to be rather more car friendly – this month you can park in our car parks for free at the weekends.

I am sure that we are right to try to help out our local businesses in the short term. In the long term we need to have a debate about where we go with cars in Ealing. The last administration used the planning system to try to force people out of their cars. CPZs make as many people unhappy as happy. I would be interested to hear your views.

3 replies on “Cars, cars everywhere …”

Unfortunately by its very nature it’s impossible to estimate the number of unlicensed cars in Ealing.

The recession (long and deep I suspect) will result in lower car sales and lower car usage. It will also speed up the process of the surviving car manufactures moving to making smaller and more economical to run cars.

But cars will not go away.

Ealing seems to be wanting to be car neutral ie sitting on the fence.

It will be interesting to see the comparative usage figures for paid for public parking (say in January 2008 or in Novemebr 2008) compared to free public parking in January 2009. You are collectiong this data aren’t you Phil?


I should be interested to know why there is a newly installed camera up the lamp-post opposite the end of Leeland Road and outside the car dealership. Is this to check that cars don’t park too long in Leeland Road during the week or to record cars who park nearby on a Saturday when the Farmer’s Market is in operation??

How is this going to help the Farmer’s Market, which is certainly a collection of very valuable small businesses, and aren’t there enough Traffic Wardens around as it is??


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