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Last Ealing Times

The last ever Ealing Times plopped on to my mat this morning. I think that this is a great shame. The Ealing Times has been making hay over the last few weeks with parking stories but I still think it is a matter of regret that we have lost one of our two local papers. I feel that both local papers often get stories factually wrong and they almost always add a dash of hyperbole to jazz them up. They do though play an important role locally in holding local bodies to account.

The front page of today’s Ealing Times highlights how the NHS in Ealing is going to lose £26 million. To be precise the body that spends money on our behalf, the Primary Care Trust, will have £26 million less to build health centres, provide new services, etc. I predicted in January last year that we wouldn’t get any money back that we lent to the Minister of Health and now we find we are being asked to lend more.

Sorry about the lack of blogging this week. The baby has been ill so I have been a fulltime father rather the usual part-time role.

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Sorry to hear that your baby has been ill. I have a mentally ill son, so I do understand the problem.

Damned with faint praise is the way I’d categorise your obit on Ealing Times.

As Ealing Council spends over £3 million on publicity, why can’t it publicise (and get it right to make you happy) news stories like the biggest piece of social, towering and spacial re-enginering of our town centre for a generation.

In other words, why is there no mention on the Ealing Council web site Home page about the £multi-multi million decision last night to proceed with the 567 flat Arcadia Tupperware Tower housing estate and the £multi-multi million 5th November decsion to proceed with the 100+ metre wide Dickens Yard 698 flat housing estate?

Even your blog can’t even trumpet last night’s decision. At the meeting you very publicly endorsed the 4,000 letters/emails of support for the Tupperware Tower plans. I do hope those emails/letters exist when someone comes to have a look at them.


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