Phil The Power

Once or twice a year I get an e-mail from someone trying to get in touch with the darts player Phil “The Power” Taylor. Such an e-mail arrived from a 17 year old yesterday.

i am a greatest fan of u and i have u as a poster on my wall. i like to play darts i have scord 180 6 times this year. your just amazing at your darts getting 9 darters and 180’s and your avarage is alway above 100. you mostly beat people in a match. you pratice very hard.

i practic 1 to 2 hours a day. my highest check out was 124 and my lowest check out was 42. in the future i would like to be u on the tv and winning losts of money in the tornaments that u win. i watch your show (phi taylors new kids on the oche) and i was wonding where is that played. cause i am interestd in playing with other people my age.

I read this and wonder how well we are equipping our kids for work and whether our education system really is good enough. I don’t think so if this young man’s writing skills are anything to go by. So much for “Education, education, education”.

5 replies on “Phil The Power”

I shall refrain from the temptation which you lay across our paths, but now we have clearer evidence that some politicians are inclined to a little masochism.


Is there a spot of resentment towards The Power for getting fan mail for throwing a few arrows? And all you get for your toil a letter from Mr Angry in Ealing regarding his parking ticket.



I assure you I get my share of positive feedback amongst all the Mr Angry missives.

I am a bit of a Mr Angry myself sometimes so I can deal with.


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