Ealing and Northfield

Help one of our parks

Boris Johnson launched his ‘Help a London Park’ scheme today. Londoners will be able to vote to decide which ones will get a £400,000 cash boost. London councils have nominated almost 100 green spaces in their areas that could do with a facelift and 47 have now been shortlisted. Two Ealing parks made the short list: Brent River Park and Southall Manor House Grounds.

I am in a quandary as to how to vote myself and it would probably be unwise of me to come down on one side or the other. I have visited both sites and like many of our open spaces they would both benefit from some help. You may think that the vote is a bit of a gimmick on the part of the Mayor but I think we can also agree that if we are apathetic there are other boroughs that will get the cash for their parks so, as Al Capone said: “Vote early and vote often”. Follow one of the links above to vote.

5 replies on “Help one of our parks”

Thanks for this.

Brent River Park only strangely appears as in the Bourough of Brent. Do you think this means that the whole of the Ealing portion of the Brent River and Canal Park are not included?


Phil, this was helpful and when you are out of your quandary I would urge you to vote for Brent River Park.

I assume it is owned by Ealing Council. Do you know?


As Hanwell comes (in part- Boston Manor area) under your remit I would urge you to be true to the residents who should be forgiven for supposing you are an advocate for them and (just for once) act with their best interests in mind. In this respect perhaps you would be good enough to vote ‘BRENT RIVER PARK, EALING’. If Hanwell proves as elusive as Northolt to you and you are not able to discover the location of the park with your TOMTOM please reply to me and I will send you a map with directions to the remotest regions (i.e. beyond Northfields) of this borough!


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