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More box junctions

Ealing Times have moved their story on this morning. They have put the council’s side of the story and added some inflammatory quotes from Labour’s Councillor Mahfouz. I won’t waste my breath on him. Commenter Nigel Brookes from Hanwell does a comprehensive job:

Typical opportunism from Labour.

It was under a Labour administration that these illegal junction were painted (in 2004).

And, of course, Labour want the current administration to pay for their mistakes.

“I will be calling on them to pay back the money they have taken on these other junctions as well.”

Yes, why not, one thing Labour were always good at in Ealing was spending (other people’s) money.

3 replies on “More box junctions”

If it was Labours fault, then why wait to blame them?

Once the junctions were declared illegal, why wait?

I am sure the parking adjudicators would have been more than happy to expalin why the junctions were illegal in a few minutes, then and there.



The council always considered these boxes to be a sensible and reasonable way of reducing congestion. On a number of occasions PATAS adjudicators have agreed with us, as did the Department for Transport in June.

As soon as the DfT came up with their decision (after 8 months) we stopped enforcing these boxes and will remove them shortly.


Can you prove that congestion has reduced as a result of box junctions?

Or are you just intersested in making money from unsuspecting members of the public?


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