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Tonight our two local papers are taking a different approach to a news story that the Ealing Times in particular has been trying to keep in front of you all. Today we issued a press release that explained that we are going to remove six box junctions at T-junctions which are painted right across the road. I guess that the Gazette is in catch-up mode as it is not really their story. They have pretty much published our press release verbatim, see here. We went to some trouble to spell out the merry dance that we have been led by the Department for Transport (DfT) on this subject. To say that we are exasperated with them would be an understatement.

The Ealing Times has simply ignored the DfT angle. They are being dishonest and need to sort themselves out. As a rule I don’t want to use my blog as an extension of my role as portfolio holder but I didn’t want the Ealing Times to get away with only telling half the story this time.

Here is Ealing’s statement:

Ealing Council to remove six yellow box junctions

Ealing Council has today announced it will remove six of the borough’s yellow box junctions.

Cabinet Member for Customer and Community Services, Councillor Phil Taylor, said: “Following a meeting with the Department for Transport in June we understood that double width yellow boxes could be placed at the T-junctions, as long as there was sufficient traffic flow in the area. We provided additional data and fully expected the DfT to confirm they were happy. Now eight months after we originally approached them, they appear to be suggesting this is not the case, but have still failed to provide us with a report setting out their position, despite repeated requests.

“It is ridiculous that it has taken the Government department which sets the rules so many months to interpret its own manual and we still have not received a definitive response. This just underlines how unclear the regulations are.

“Congestion is one of the top concerns highlighted in our annual residents’ survey. The yellow box junctions were introduced several years ago to respond to those concerns and we still believe their installation was appropriate and that they are the most effective way of preventing gridlock on the borough’s major roads.

“However, we feel we are now left with no alternative but to suspend enforcement on these six junctions with immediate effect and remove them from the road. ”

Notes to editors

Ealing Council is committed to improving traffic flows and will continue to progress a number of other schemes across the borough to reduce congestion, including projects at Petts Hill Bridge and the Target Roundabout. We will monitor the situation to see what impact the removal of these yellow boxes has on traffic movement in the borough.

The junctions which are affected are the double width yellow box T-junctions at the following locations:

– South Road junction St Joseph’s Drive, Southall
– South Road junction Cambridge Road, Southall
– South Road junction Hamilton Road, Southall
– High Street junction Avenue Road, Southall
– Uxbridge Road junction Lower Boston Road Hanwell – right turn out
– The Broadway junction The Mall, Ealing

Anyone who has paid a penalty charge notice since the DfT’s revised guidance was issued verbally on Thursday, 30 October, will be refunded.

Any unpaid fines for those junctions will not be pursued by the Council.

4 replies on “Box junctions”

What a pathetic little story this is. Am I, as a motorist hit with two fines in an oversized box junction, supposed to feel sympathy for Ealing council for being messed around by the DofT? I think not, particularly as many considerate drivers have fallen victim of impossible road markings and the borough can’t even bring itself to apologize for the sorry mess, let alone refund its ill gotten gains.

Never mind Phil…I notice the sprawling Mansell Road junction seems to have escaped the cull. Perhaps you can relocate one of your beloved cameras and keep some of the gravy flowing in.


Maybe I shouldn’t publish or respond to anonymous comments but here goes.

The council always considered these boxes to be a sensible and reasonable way of reducing congestion. On a number of occasions PATAS adjudicators have agreed with us, as did the Department for Transport in June.

As soon as the DfT came up with their decision (after 8 months) we stopped enforcing these boxes and will remove them shortly. Sorry if that is pathetic.

I guess you would use less disparaging language if you wrote under your own name.


What a sorry response. Ealing got it wrong. Accept it, apologise, pay back and move on. But who will hold you accountable for wasting tax payers money?


I see that – Uxbridge Road junction Lower Boston Road Hanwell – right turn out is on the list.

What about the left turn from lower boston road?


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