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More mystery shopping

I recently wanted to some visitors’ vouchers to allow a plumber to do some work on my house. They arrived in the post this afternoon. I sent the required form and a cheque at about this time last week. Returning the vouchers within 5 working days including two trips through the postal system seems like pretty good going to me. It would have been nice if it was less than a week but a week is OK.

I would be interested to hear your stories of how the parking service is working.

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Parking Services are upsetting the local traders in this economic downturn. It would be good if a monitoring exercise was undertaken to measure the figures in reduced turnover and profits, and footfall into traders’ premises. Ealings’ shops are going downmarket. The Tories should reverse this.
All Ealings’ traffic cameras should be painted yellow and so also should especially the roving vans with traffic cameras. At the moment many cameras are difficult to see and as nationally cameras are painted yellow, it is dishonest not to paint ours yellow. I seem to remember that Ealing takes a very high amount of fees for parking and traffic offences. It needs to be palpably clear that the parking controls are be managed with integrity and honesty. Residents do not like cash cow chancers.
It would be useful if areas where Blue Badge holders cannot park are signposted.


You have gone uncharacteristically silent on the use of yellow paint, and blue badges.

If nothing is heard in the next month then the assumption is that you do not wish to engage on this sensitive issue.



I think you raise three points. Let me deal with each in turn:

– According to the council’s latest residents’ survey congestion is the second most important personal concern of residents, cited by 38% of people. In line with that concern the council’s Parking Services actively enforce the traffic regulations. The Uxbridge Road is a natural focus for this work given its importance to many journeys through the borough. If traders feel that more stop and shop style parking or loading areas are required they need to approach our Highways people with proposals.

– Only speed cameras are coloured yellow in this country. The council’s CCTV vans are very clearly marked and if you don’t spot them you are probably not really concentrating on your driving.

– Like any other road users blue badge holders need to understand the rules of the scheme they are taking advantage of. They are clearly published in a number of places, for instance here.


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