Mayor Johnson

Boris needs to spend his own pennies

I am really pleased to see that Boris Johnson is promoting Richmond’s Community Toilet Scheme. Ealing has been looking at this too, see paper here.

One of the biggest businesses in London is Transport for London. More public conveniences in and around TfL’s estate would be welcomed by Londoners.

As the mayor controls TfL and its budgets it would be good to hear from him what he is going to do to himself rather than hearing from him exhortation to businesses to sign up for a scheme that is run by Richmond council. I think many boroughs are interested in this scheme but it is their responsibility and their budgets that would be involved.

A particular problem in our neighbourhood is the tube staff not letting minicab drivers use their loos at South Ealing. Considering that the minicab drivers are all vetted and registered by TfL it should be no great hardship to give these people access to tube loos. I think some customers might occasionally enjoy a leak at South Ealing too.

At the very least TfL could give minicab and black cab drivers access to all TfL staff loos. Then TfL might think about staff loos on certain bus routes. It might check that all staff of tenants of units on its premises have access to toilets. Then it might think about how more of its estate could be set aside for public toilets. Over to you Boris.

2 replies on “Boris needs to spend his own pennies”

Many older residents will hold memories of well maintained public conveniences, nicely tiled with wash basins and mirror. These were positioned under the Uxbridge Road at Ealing Broadway and Southall Broadway and probably Acton and Hanwell too.
Is it possible they were sealed up or were they totally demolished as Ealing Broadway is so busy that a trial would show it to be viable and warrant a permanent attendant?
In lieu of loo the Richmond scheme may relieve some pressure but wouldn`t match the useage of public conveniences like Dean Gardens.


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