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Ealing’s recycling rate hits 38%

Ealing’s recycling rate edged towards 38% in June, see details here. This is quite an achievement for the the people of Ealing. Although the council has heard people’s desire to recycle more and expanded the food re-cycling scheme trailed by the previous administration, introduced cardboard and plastics recycling and made garden waste recycling easier the council couldn’t have achieved anything without the clear message from people that this was what they wanted and the enthusiasm with which people have used the facilities provided. Well done Ealing.

Tonight I was sorting out our own rubbish and recycling. With a small baby we produce the best part of a bin bag of disposable nappies every week – sorry I’ve never been convinced by the terry nappy argument. But even with our very own baby environmental disaster I still reckon we send twice as much weight to recycling as we do to landfill.

One reply on “Ealing’s recycling rate hits 38%”

I thought your comments in the Standard highlighted some good points about the buses. When I get a bus from Hanwell to Ealing as an Oyster season tciket holder i get the first bus. so when 20 people at the same bus stop all get the 207 behind it and then get off at the same stop as me, i conclude that maybe some are using the Free Bus!! So am i subsidising the 207??? However sometimes the enforcement can go for the easy targets such as someone who has had money subtracted from their oyster but did not have enough on it. In that case it shows a willingness to pay. Also the bendy buses tend to sit across junctions and pedestrian crossings.


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