Mayor Johnson

Want to vote? Get your skates on

If you are not registered to vote or need a postal vote you need to get your skates on. The deadline is 5pm tomorrow, that is Wednesday 16th April.

You can download the form here to register to vote and here for a postal ballot (London Borough of Ealing residents only).

You then need to fill them in and run around to the Town Hall – probably too late to post now if you want to be sure.

London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham have a very good voting guide here.

Yesterday in the Evening Standard Andrew Gilligan did a pretty good job of explaining the importance of your second vote in the Mayoral election. If you vote for either Boris or Livingstone your second vote is totally irrelevant. You can not use it, vote twice for your favourite or vote for anyone else and it will make no difference whatsoever.

If one candidate gets over half the votes that is it and no second votes are ever looked at. But, if no candidate gets at least half the votes then all other candidates are excluded except for the two most popular, who will almost certainly be Boris and Livingstone. Then the second votes OF THE EXCLUDED CANDIDATES are examined and any second votes for the remaining two candidates are allocated to them. Therefore if you vote LibDem, Green, UKIP, etc your second vote is worth more than your first vote in effect. You get to chose the next Mayor. Boris or Livingstone. A fresh start or 4 more years of Livingstone?

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