Mayor Johnson

Good reception at Northfield Tube


Tonight Cllr Reen and I spent an hour at Northfield tube station handing out a leaflet with this graphic on one side and a few highlights from Boris’s crime manifesto on the other.

It reminded me of when we were doing this two years ago in the run up to the local elections. Although we won big time in Northfield it was dispiriting trying to get people’s attention on their way home. At the time I said:

This is experience slightly took the wind out of our sails. People in a hurry to get home don’t want to see yet another obstacle standing between them and their hearth. Maybe one in five took the leaflets with many muttering as they went past that we had their votes. I was impressed how polite and interested many people who you might think were not natural Tory voters were. Many new immigrants seem to be much less cynical about politics and happy to see local activists in their faces. Too many white, professional looking types were avoiding eye contact, tut-tutting and looking too important by far to engage with a mere candidate for the council.

Although Mark and I were not met like prodigal sons the reception was definitely warmer than I remembered it two years ago. I am confident that we will have a new mayor on 2nd May.

One London (ex-UKIP) assembly member Peter Hulme Cross stopped to chat. He lives locally. He suggested that Tories should use their top up vote for them as the Tories won’t get any top up seats. I don’t think so.

The hour was enlivened by a couple of heroin smokers who kept trying to use the loos along with a few hippies that had incense and cbd products for sale. We swapped banter with the station staff trying to sort them out. One was for Boris the other wasn’t – but then he wasn’t for Livingstone either. That’s how you win modern elections. You persuade your opponent’s voters to stay at home. Too many of Livingstone’s voters will I am sure.

One reply on “Good reception at Northfield Tube”

It is a serious point I am making, Phil.
Consider how the d’Hondt formula works. The more Constituency Members the Conservatives get, the more difficult it is for them to get a London Member seat. If they get 9 Constituency seats, as they have now, then they have to get at least 40% of the London Member votes to get a seat. If they get 10 Constituency seats, then they would need 50% of the London Member votes to get a seat. With 13 Parties standing, that is not possible. So a Conservative vote for London Member is a wasted vote.

The most likely beneficiaries of the London Member votes are the Greens, the Lib-Dems, and the BNP. The Greens may get back the third seat they had in 2000 or even get a fourth seat, and they have an alliance with Labour. And do you really want the BNP? That is why I said vote for ONE LONDON on the ORANGE ballot paper. At least that would be a vote against the Greens and the BNP.


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