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Partnership Day in Northfield

If you were wondering what all the coppers and council officials in hi-vis jackets were doing on South Ealing Road yesterday, just outside the Co-op, here is the answer. It was a joint Partnership Day between the police and the council in Northfield. There were two components of the operation – a vehicle check point outside the Co-op on South Ealing Road and a commercial waste exercise on Northfield Avenue.

Partnership Day 20-2-2008

The photo above shows the worst case they came across yesterday. This van was ordered off the road when the police stopped it. You could see the road through the floor pan and the battery was loose in the engine compartment – it would turn into a cannonball in an accident. Just about nothing was right with this vehicle. The police wouldn’t even let them drive it up the ramp of the recovery vehicle.

A number of white vans and flat beds were ticketed for carrying waste without a licence. If you use a builder make sure they are disposing of your rubbish responsibly. They should have a waste carrier licence and a waste transfer note for each load. If they haven’t they are probably messing up some other part of the borough with fly-tipping. Anyone not showing a tax disc was also pulled over. Many of these simply had their disc lying on the dash but a number were short of insurance as well as tax.

The other part of the operation was a check on commercial waste agreements on Northfield Avenue. Although businesses, and any other non-residential occupier, has to pay business rates these are just a tax that gets passed straight to central government. It does not pay for waste disposal unfortunately. Every commercial occupier is required to have a commerical waste agreement and to be able to show proof of this. My own rowing club has one even though we might feel hard done by as a sports club. A number of private companies provide this service or you can get it from the council – call 020 8825 6000 and they will get the commerical waste people to call you.

2 replies on “Partnership Day in Northfield”

An excellent endeavour Phil! It showed a positive police presence doing the RIGHT sort of policing.
The shame of it was that fifty yards down the road on the other side Manley Motors was doing work on cars illegally on the pavement while this policing exercise went on: new laws were brought in a couple of years ago to prevent this kind of dodgy activity and Ealing Council and the Police continue to do nothin about Manley Motors activities although they are plain for all to see (and get soaked by their pressure washers as you try and walk along the pavement)…
Food for thought…


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