5th teen murder in Plumstead

Yesterday afternoon saw London’s 5th teen murder in 2008. This time in Invermore Place, Plumstead near Woolwich.

I was hoping that after January’s grim toll of 4 deaths we could get through February without.

According the Standard piece today the 15-year old kid was hunted down and stabbed to death in the street by a gang of five youths. The co-writer of the report is Benedict Moore-Bridger late of Ealing Times.

Covered by the BBC also here.

Until the police can work out how to stop these kids carrying this will continue.

Update: More details from the BBC here.

I have listed the names, ages and cause of death of these five young men below:

1 January: Henry Bolombi, 18, stabbed to death
5 January: Faridon Alizada, 18, stabbed to death
21 January: Boduka Mudianga, 18, stabbed to death
26 January: Fuad Buraleh, 19, beaten to death
19 February: Sunday Essiet, 15, stabbed to death

2 replies on “5th teen murder in Plumstead”

I live in the next street along from Invermore Place…… oh my god what is our home coming to…….
I have all these black and somali gangs on the street asking people if they want to buy drugs or even some kid offered to sell me a gun.

I am now crapping myself everytime i walk out my door and i am 24 and i am a tall built guy but still bloody scared.

I beg the police to do something PLEASE


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