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Jasper suspended

News is emerging this morning that the Mayor’s sleeze-mired police and race advisor, Lee Jasper, has been suspended from City Hall. Jasper’s story is that he has voluntarily submitted himself to a police enquiry – he could have done that three months ago before proof emerged that he had meddled in LDA operational matters and six of his projects had been referred to the police for investigation. The Mayor’s office has produced this press release which is full of the usual bluster.

The Boris campaign sounds pretty narked:

This is an outrageous attempt to avoid scrutiny. It was only 12 hours ago that the Mayor informed us that he had full confidence in Mr Jasper. What has changed his mind? Mr Jasper has been suspended – presumably on full pay – until after the election, in the hope that the full facts will not come out. It is clear that the Mayor’s handling of City Hall is descending into sleaze, chaos, and now cover-up. Millions of pounds of taxpayers’ money has been wasted or trousered by cronies of the Mayor. And we now have the police called in to investigate the Mayor’s chief police adviser. It is time to clean up City Hall, and time London had a change from this tired, stale, incompetent and increasingly decadent regime. How can the Mayor possibly focus on crime, housing and transport when he is mired in maladministration?

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