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Boris’ crime manifesto

Back BorisI went into town yesterday morning to listen to Boris’ crime manifesto launch. It was a treat to be in the 28th floor conference suite at Millbank Tower. It has 270 degree views of the London and the Thames which looked magnificent in the sunshine and receding mist.


I wrote a report for the Guardian’s Comment is free blog. Their deputy editor, Matt Seaton, has asked me to do a weekly piece in the run up to mayoral election. Apparently they want to make sure they’re “covering the waterfront politically”. Very commendable. Anyway don’t stress, I haven’t gone soft.

Back to Boris. The speech was absolutely rigid with numbers and the manifesto document is referenced and footnoted throughout. It looks more like a scientific paper than manifesto. Clearly Boris’ team are savvy enough to know that if they make uncosted promises or get the numbers wrong they will get into trouble with the more nerdy bloggers like me as well as the Mayor’s press machine. Although Boris retained his lightness of touch it would be hard to argue on the basis of this performance that Boris has not had his Prince Hal moment. For the whole piece follow this link.

At the event I introduced myself to Tim Mongomerie who did this piece yesterday for ConservativeHome. He congratulated me on this blog and the jacket I was wearing. He wondered if it was German. I explained that it came from Ted Baker and was a birthday present from my wife.

See it on TV here.

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Although I have been a Tory most of my life I was a Young Liberal for a short time. I think I was pretty young – 15?

I started reading the Guardian during the Times strike – 1978? I read the Guardian until my early thirties. I then switched to the FT when I started working in the City. Over time I found the FT too much in favour of big government – when I subsequently realised that Ed Balls had been writing FT leaders at that time it was a relief to know that I wasn’t becoming a foam flecked loony it was the FT that was blowing with the wind.

More recently I have been a Telegraph reader like my parents. How I used to roll my eyes at their choice of paper! I guess my little girl will be rolling hers in time too.


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