Ex-Mayor Livingstone

New plan for Uxbridge Road

The Evening Standard’s headline writers dutifully lapped up the dubious £500 million headline offered by the Mayor’s press people this evening. So, even the apparently rabidly anti-Livingstone Evening Standard can play the Mayor’s game when it suits. More interestingly the Standard’s map showed one of the cycling superhighways starting off in Ealing, see full story here. Good news indeed.

But, it seems that the Mayor is again trying to tell us what to do with the Uxbridge Road. Having lost the tram battle it looks like he is now going to try to push a cycle superhighway down the Uxbridge Road – at least between Ealing Town Centre and Acton Lane, see map below. I am not sure I would fancy competing with 207 bendies on this route. If these routes are to make sense they need to be a little more imaginative. To separate them from traffic without unnecessarily reducing the capacity of existing roads they need to use side roads and new bridges and tunnels to get across main roads and railways.


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