Ex-Mayor Livingstone

Mayor’s Crossrail porkies


On his election website the Mayor lays claim to Crossrail. He says:

Ken achieved what no one else has done in two decades – to get the funding to go ahead with Crossrail.

Unfortunately his claim is rather undermined by this quote from Tony McNulty when he was minister of state for railways and the capital’s transport system. Read this interview in the Independent:

Livingstone raised the minister’s hackles again last week with comments at a trade show in Cannes on how the £10bn Crossrail scheme will be funded. “There is plenty of talk going on – some of it very, very loudly in France – which is not terribly helpful,” McNulty says.

So although the Mayor claims Crossrail as a feather in his cap the minister responsible described his behaviour as “not terribly helpful”.

The go ahead for Crossrail is great for London but the scheme was a no-brainer when Labour came to power and after ten years of a Labour government and 8 years of a Labour Mayor we are not talking quick work here and it seems that the Mayor is not the one to thank. You might however thank changing electoral sentiment in London and the Labour government finally finding a few pennies for the South East to shore up their chances of holding London.

Thanks to Cllr Harry Phibbs from Hammersmith & Fulham who put me onto this story. He has a whole heap of negative Livingstone quotes from London Labour MPs here.

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