Ex-Mayor Livingstone

Mayor having his worst week

The Mayor was on the Today programme this morning defending himself from reasonably robust questioning by James Naughtie. Click here to hear it. The Mayor pretty much said that he was justified in spending public money to discredit Trevor Phillips and that it was OK for his staff in politically restricted posts to campaign for him in their own time. As for the LDA scandal, well, shit happens seems to be the line.

The Mayor’s interview was preceded by a hard-hitting investigative piece by Angus Stickler and an interview with Labour MP Kate Hoey, click here.

The Harry’s Place blog also covers the Today piece here.

For some time certain people have been suggesting that the Evening Standard was a lone voice in raising these issues and was therefore irrelevant. The BBC coverage today pretty much picks up all the Standard’s points so I think we can say they are pretty mainstream – it is just a shame that it has taken the BBC six weeks to get on the case, story written up here. In reality the BBC has picked it up sporadically but today is the first concerted effort on this set of stories.

Yesterday BBC London News was all over the Emodi/Jasper/Walters thing also, video here.

Martin Bright on his New Statesman blog is still going at Ken following up his Dispatches show in Monday, see here.

According to the Standard the Mayor reckons he is having a hard week. No sympathy here mate.

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