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Eboda is latest Livingstone stooge

michael-eboda.gifMichael Eboda, who goes by the title of editor of New Nation (part of the Ethnic Media Group), today became the latest of the Mayor’s stooges to keep up the attacks on Boris Johnson on the Guardian’s Comment is free blog.

Eboda tried to suggest that as there was apparently some unpleasant heckling from the crowd at Monday’s Evening Standard London Influentials Debate that is somehow indicative of a general attitude of Boris Johnson, his supporters and the Tory party. One of the posters suggests that Eboda’s assertion is pretty much totally undermined by the online videos published by the Standard. I listened carefully to clips 6 and 7 on the Evening Standard’s website and you can’t hear even a murmur of the abuse that Eboda alludes to. You can hear Boris muttering “absolutely right” in the background whilst Yasmin Alibhai-Brown is speaking.

There is indeed uproar later, see clip 12, when the tiresome Eboda yet again brought up the whole piccaninnies thing. According to Eboda:

That language is not acceptable in any context.

He probably needs to have a word with Darcus Howe then, see here.

Judge for yourself if you think Eboda can voice independent opinions when he is so dependent on the Mayor’s patronage.

Follow this link to find out how in 2003 the GLA spent £261K on recruitment advertising. The bulk went to the Guardian and the rest to the ethnic press. No advertising in mainstream media outside the Guardian – pretty questionable in itself but the Mayor’s personal feud with the Standard seems to prevent the GLA from using it. Ethnic Media Group was given £38K but generated only 1 shortlisted candidate and no appointments.

Follow this link to find out how when the Mayor spent £793K to advertise giving away 100,000 free Oyster cards he spent £77K with ineffective ethnic press (including New Nation).

Is it such stretch to suggest that Eboda is bought and paid for?

One reply on “Eboda is latest Livingstone stooge”

Good stuff, when I saw Eboda’s article my first thought was to come over to this site to check out how much taxpayers’ money Livingstone is funneling in his direction.


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