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More Parking Services this week

Parking Services Specialist Scrutiny PanelThe fourth meeting of the Parking Services Specialist Scrutiny Panel will take place in Committee Room 2 at the Town Hall on Thursday 10th January. See agenda and papers here.

The key item for discussion on Thursday is the draft of recommendations, see here. This document is very much a work in progress but shows where we are going with this panel.

We will also be looking at the results from some parking questions added to the regular panel survey undertaken by the council. Some 1881 residents took part, see here. The chart below, click to enlarge, shows what issue people think Parking Services should prioritise. It seems that people feel that quite a range of issues should be considered. Even that supposedly unpopular activity, raising cash, was rated third and considered by 15% of people to be a reasonable top priority for the service. I guess the 15% are non-car owners!

3 replies on “More Parking Services this week”

Clearly residents want improved road safety (18%) and reduced congestion and improving traffic flows (17%). THESE ARE THEIR TOP PRIORITIES.

As I asked at your very first meeting, how will the Council measure its own performance in ‘delivering’ these priorities? Further more, what will be the metrics that will be used to measure these improvements?



It is easy to measure both of these in broad terms. It is perhaps hard to connect up what PS does with the outcome.

One metric we could perhaps develop in respect of congestion is some kind of count of lurkers – people hanging about on yellow lines, zig-zags, etc who are not parked but need to be moved on out the way all the same.

Any other ideas welcome.



As you know I have already suggested the installation of a uniformed, well trained parking supervisor to manage the pick-up, set down, shop deliveries and illegal parking on the forecourt and environs of Ealing Broadway Station. Innocent, law-abiding Ealing residents are scandulously still being ticketed here when dropping off and collecting their aged grand parents.

Over and above this there must be road safety and congestion statistics available to demonstrate whether year on year Parking Enforcement Services (which is what Parking Services actually is) is meeting Ealing residents priority needs.


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